On the basis of Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine “Bukovinian State Medical University”, on 5th – 7th April will be held the IV International Medical and Pharmaceutical Congress of students and young scientists “Innovations and Prospects of Modern Medicine” BIMCO 2017, where will participate the representatives of medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions and medical establishments of Ukraine and abroad.

On the 5th of April 2017 will be the opening of the Congress and the first plenary meeting, then will begin the work of 35 sections on various areas of theoretical and clinical medicine and pharmacy: 2 sections of “obstetrics and gynaecology”, “anesthesiology and intensive therapy”, “biological and bioorganic chemistry”, 4 sections of “internal medicine”, “pediatric surgery and neonatology”, “endocrinology and immunology”, “infectious diseases and dermatology”, “clinical nursing”, “medical biology”, “medical genetics”, “morphology”, “neurology, psychiatry and medical psychology, oncology and radiation medicine”, “otolaryngology”, “pathology”, ” experimental pathology”, 2 sections of “pediatrics”, “preventive medicine”, “humanitarian aspects of medicine” “social medicine and organization of health care”, “dentistry”, “forensic medicine and medical law”, “traumatology and orthopedics”, “pharmacology & pharmacy”, “pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical botany”, “phthisiology and pulmonology”, “surgery and ophthalmology,” “surgery and urology”, “medicine, and philology.”

During the sectional sessions the reports on the topical issues of theoretical, experimental and clinical medicine will take place, as well as humanitarian and organizational aspects of medicine, pharmaceutical industries and safety of medical technologies. The work of each section will end with a rating, discussion of the reports and determination of winners. There is a part-time (online webinar) form of participation in the forum, what will significantly expand the circle of participants of the Congress.

On the 6th of April 20 clinical master classes and workshops in Ukrainian and English languages will be held.

Activities will include mini-lectures, live surgery, laparoscopic manipulation, clinical situational tasks solving etc.

On the 7th of April 2017 at the second plenary meeting the closing ceremony of the forum will take place to sum up the work of the Congress and to award the winners.

Due to the materials of the International Medical and pharmaceutical conference of students and young scientists, Medical Journal – “BIMCO Journal” will be published with the issued works of the participants of the scientific forum, which will be submitted to the digital research repository of the intellectual foundations of Bukovinian State Medical University.