Bukovinian State Medical University

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Bukovinian State Medical University (abbreviated as BSMU) is one of the largest higher educational establishment in Chernivtsi. It has recently celebrated the 65th anniversary of its foundation. It is a modern multiprofile educational institution of the IV accreditation level, included into the general register of the WHO, Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna, Italy), the Association of the CarpathianRegion Universities that provides qualified training according to the grade system of education. The University includes a medicallyceum, Chernivtsi, Vashkivtsi, Novoselytsia and Kovel’ (Volyn’) Medical Colleges, 4 medical faculties, stomatological andpharmaceutical faculties, the department of post-graduate education, preparatory department for foreign students.

The development of BSMU is associated with the names of famous scientists and founders. BSMU graduates work successfully in medical, pharmaceutical, economic, educational, scientific, social and cultural fields.

Post-graduate education of doctors is realized at the Internship and Mastership, and the Doctoring Departments, in Clinical Residency, at the post-residence courses, as well as via pre-attestation course, the course of improvement of medical knowledge, specialization and professional courses.

Education of foreign citizens

4374 students study at the University now, 1675 of them are foreign citizens from 32 countries. They have been taught since 1994, and since 2004 English has been introduced as the language of instruction. The number of foreign students from India, Somali, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, the USA and other countries has been increasing from year to year.

Organization of educational process

The main purpose of educational-methodical work at the University is to create conditions promoting to raise the level of efficiency and quality of the educational process. The Educational Department of the University provides management of educational and methodical work. Methodical work of the University is a complex of measures aimed at: – providing educational process with educational-methodical documents; – improving educational skills of the teachers as well as students’ work during practical classes and after them independently; – improvement of all types and methods of training at the University considering the state and prospects of the development of medical organizations and institutions where the University grades are able to work. Courses and disciplines are taught at the University in accordance with the educational curriculum of the subjects. The content of working programs meets the requirements of educational and professional programs, and standard curriculum approved by the Central Methodical Board on higher medical education of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine. The programs created provide a systematic approach, during which each subject is learnt not as a separate, independent one, but as a part of an integral system aimed at training specialists of a certain specialization. Programs of acquiring practical skills in the disciplines are introduced into the educational process. The system of training of specialists at the University complies with the requirements of the existing standards of higher education. Considering the professional and active principle of arrangement of the University studies, availability, compiling and publishing textbooks, guidelines and manuals play an important role. Methodical instructions for practical classes and self-training of students which include algorithms for sequential mastering of practical skills, knowledge and abilities, educational and educational-methodical training appliances are prepared and issued at the University departments. Training at Bukovinian State Medical University is realized according to the credit-module system and requirements of the Bologna process. The credit-module system of estimating knowledge and skills of students has been used for 7 years. The University operates a mandatory control system of training students and the quality of training (test certification of the initial and final levels, the rating control). It includes: current (test, oral, written, computer-based) testing of students’ knowledge of each academic group during each practical class (100%), thematic testing of mastering separate units of the curriculum, monthly certification of students since the beginning of each term defining medium (rating) marks in each discipline, the final credit test (exam) of the students’ progress. A compulsory element of training in clinical departments and conducting tests in them is the assessment of practical skills and situational tasks, which are regarded as an algorithm of a physician’s work for a specific, defined situation and for a certain patient. Packages of programmes, sets of tests and questions of different complexity are created at the departments of the University. They are used at different stages of students’ testing and are available for convenience of study at the distance learning system “MOODLE”.

International Activity

Bukovinian State Medical University ranks high on European Scene. At present BSMU is a recognized member of International University Association, the World Health Organization, the University Association of the Carpathian Region and the European University Association “The Magna Charta”. The department of international contacts, created in October 29, 2003, by the Rector’s order on the basis of corresponding documents of the Ministry of Public Health Service, is involved in international contacts. The work of international department is managed by the Pro-Rector on scientific work and international contacts Ivashchuk Aleksander Ivanovych. The activity of the University is directed to the development, extension and strengthening of international contacts and BSMU authority in the world cooperation. International cooperation constantly improves. Bukovinian State Medical University collaborates with: Klagenfurt Hospital (Austria), Belarusian State Medical University (Minsk), Grodno State Medical University, Vitebsk State Medical University (Belarus), Karlovy University, Prague(Check Republic), the University of Montpellier (France), University of Lubeck, Karl-Garus University of Technology, Dresden, Humboldt University, Berlin, University of Konstanz, University of Cologne, Kuilnsky University, Liverpool John Moores University(Great Britain), Akmolinsk State Medical Academy(Kazakhstan), Pedagogical State University, Kyshyniv, Mykola Testemitsanu State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Kyshyniv, ”Shtefan chel Mare” University, Suchava, T.G.Shevchenko Prydniprovsky State University,Tyraspol (Moldova), Lomonosov State University (Moscow), Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russian University of People’s Friendship, Moscow, St.Petersburg institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, Burdenko Medical Academy, Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, Urals State Medical Academy, Yekaterinburg (Russia), Medical University (Warsaw), University Collegium Medicum im. Ludvika Rydygiera, Bydgoshch, the University of Zheshov, Jagiellonian University, Krakov, the University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Medical University, Liublin(Poland), “1 December 1918” University, Alba Iulia, University “Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, University of Medine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes”, Timisoara (Romania), Alexander Dubcek-University, Trencin, Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Kosice(Slovakiya), Angelholm Hospital (Sweden), University of Lucerne (Switzeland), Neurological Hospital, USA Utah Valley State University, University of the State of New-York, Olbani, King’s University School of Medicine, Solomon IslNDS, MEDU International, Inc.” Palo Alto, California (USA). Trips for Bachelors, holders of Master’s degree, post-graduates are ensured by “Druzi” association (Ukraine-France) and the Centre of international contacts, State of California (USA). Every year students, new doctors and scientists of the University take part in international medical conferences, congresses, symposia and forums in the cities and towns of Poland, USA, Russia, Germany, Austria, Sweden,etc. The number of foreign students from India, Somali, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, USA and other countries, who study in Bukovinian State Medical University, increase from year to year. Nowadays the department of international contacts actively continues its work in the spheare of concluding cooperation, exchange of information and experience with the leading world universities, promoting integration of Ukrainian medical science in the world scientific space. Timely information concerning conferences, probation period, summer schools, scholarships and scientific programmes for students, post-graduates and tutors of the University is situated on inter.bsmu.edu.ua site.

International recognition

Bukovinian State Medical University takes its proper place on the European level. Nowadays it is a recognized member of the International Association of Educational Universities (IAEU), World Health Organization (WHO), the Association of Carpathian Region Universities (ACRU) and of the Great Charter of Universities. For active implementation of pedagogical novelties and new educational technologies, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine awarded the University with the Diploma of the Third International Exhibition of Educational Institutions “Contemporary Education in Ukraine-2000” in March, 2000. In August, 2001, the University was awarded, as a prize-winner in the nomination “10 years of Ukrainian independence”, with the Diploma “International Academic Popularity and Quality Rate “The Golden Fortune”. In October, 2001 the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine awarded the University with the Diploma for the third place in the state rating of higher medical (pharmaceutical) educational institutions of the III-IV accreditation levels in 2000/2001 academic year in the nomination “Scientific Activities”. The University cooperates with educational establishments and researchers of Austria, Germany, the USA, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, the United Kingdom and others. Doctors for the neighboring and distant countries are being trained at the University. 4000 students study at the University now, 618 of them are foreign citizens from 28 countries. They have been taught since 1994, and since 2004 English has been introduced as the language of instruction for international students.

БДМУ. Матеріально-технічна база

Students’ self-government

The students’ Conference:

  • approves the Status of the students’ self-government;
  • elects the executive body – the Students’ University Council and considers the report on its activities;
  • defines the structure, the powers and procedure for electing Students’ Council of the University, the term of its activity.

The work of the University Students’ Council is guided by the law, decisions of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, the Status of BSMU. The Students’ self-government at the University operates on the level of the student’s group, course, faculty, dormitory, University. The main tasks of the students’ self- government are:

  • ensuring and protection of the rights and interests of students, particularly the organization of the educational process;
  • ensuring of students’ duties;
  • promoting educational, scientific (research) and students’ creative activities;
  • promoting the creation of appropriate conditions for students’ lodging and recreation;
  • promotion of students’ clubs, societies, associations, clubs of interests;
  • organization of cooperation with students from other universities and youth organizations;
  • promoting the graduates’ employment;
  • participation in the issues of international students’ exchange;
  • promotion in making polls among the students.

Students’ Scientific Society


Students’ Scientific Society

Students’ Scientific Society (SSS) was created more than 60 years ago, several years after the foundation of Chernivtsi Medical Institute (now Bukovinian State Medical University). From the very beginning the Students’ Scientific Society was an organization on voluntary basis, which plans and carries out its work under the guidance of the University Scientific. The Students’ Scientific Society since its foundation has conducted its work in the following directions: • promotion of students’ scientific clubs; • comprehensive support of students’ scientific work and providing improvement of the level of research work; • involving students to direct participation in research work at the departments of the University; • participation in the organization and conducting of scientific forums and meetings, scientific conferences and symposia, students’ Olympiads and competitions on various subjects, as well as seminars and exhibitions; • establishing international contacts, cooperation with educational and research institutions, public and governmental organizations in Ukraine and other countries. During its activity the SSS of BSMU adequately represented the University in the field of research not only in Ukraine but also beyond its limits. The result of the organizational activities of the SSS and daily hard work of students is the final Conference. It has taken a long way from the usual annual forum for students and young scientists of the University to the Ukrainian student conference with international participation, and subsequently (from 2004) conferences on international level. In 2009 the conference was included to the register of scientific congresses, symposia and scientific conferences for the first time. Not only the geography of the conference including now seven countries Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania and Italy expanded, but also its topics: a medical conference developed into medical and pharmaceutical one. The conference involves the work of 18 units in theoretical and clinical directions, which discusses the results of studies of young scientists, and examines current and future problems of modern medicine. The results of the conferences are discussed at the plenary session, which traditionally takes place in the hall of the Palace “Academichny.” Over the last five years, nine students have won prizes on the national student research competitions of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, and 25 have become the winners of international students’ conferences. The SSS of Bukovinian State Medical University is confident about the future, we believe that all we made will help students and young researchers to realize their potential, help to achieve their goals, lay a good foundation for future achievements.

Student life

The University Students’ Self-government is of a great significance as a means of realization of the rights, duties and initiatives by the student community. Appropriate conditions of lodging are created for students. The students’ town consists of five dormitories with good conditions of life; there are reading halls, sports halls, and libraries; students’ computers are connected to the Internet.

The Palace “Academichny” actively functions for improvement of leisure time and students’ creative abilities. A great variety of clubs and societies are placed here. Among them there is the studio of art, art and crafts, artistic photo, ensemble of folk song and dance “Trembita”, vocal-instrumental ensemble, students’ theatre and choreographic studio, etc.

Awards and reputation

BSMU keeps a stable deserving position in the rates of higher educational establishments. In 2012 it holds the 11th position in the National rate of higher educational establishments “TOP-200 Ukraine” among higher medical educational establishments in Ukraine; the University is the 2nd in the “WEBOMETRICS” ranking among medical educational establishments of Ukraine and occupies the 4394th position [2] in the world (among 20 000 higher educational establishments); Ranked 6944 in the 4icu web rank[3]; the University Repository is on the 785th position in the world rate “Ranking Web of Repositories” and the 1st one among the higher educational medical establishments of Ukraine; according to the data of the scientific-metric data base Scopus the University occupied the 38th position among all the higher educational establishments of Ukraine and the 8th position among the medical ones in April 2012.





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