Do I need a visa for Ukraine?Under current law, most countries are eligible for visa-free stay in Ukraine for 60 days granting the presence of a passport. More of the details for each country you can find here:

How to get to Chernivtsi?Chernivtsi airport is functioning and it handles daily morning flights from Kiev. Also, the railway and two bus stations are available.

Where can I find the tickets?

Do I need additional documents for registration to the conference?No. In order to register you just need to name your data.
Do I have an opportunity to be present at several sections at the same time?No, this is not possible due to the fact that sections are held simultaneously in different places.

Will the master classes be held in English?If the English-speaking students are registered, we will provide a full translation of the master class.
Will the organizational committee provide foreign students with accompaniment? Yes, foreign students will be escorted during the 3 days of the conference.

Is the social program mandatory?The social program is not compulsory. It depends on your discretion.
Where can I find the conference schedule? The conference schedule will be included to the program, which will be provided to participants at registration and in the online version on the website.