How to register


Step 1.

Enter the registration website of BIMCO by clicking the “BIMCO’s Personal Account” on the home page.

Registration BIMCO

Step 2.

Create a personal account BIMCO, by clicking “CREATE YOUR PERSONAL ACOUNT”. If your account already exists, select “LOG IN YOUR PERSONAL PANEL”.

Step 3.

Create an account on the registration website of BIMCO, by filling in all fields. If you have already created a personal panel, enter it.

Step 4.

After selecting the language which is convenient for you, go to the registration panel. Then, register author and supervisor (without this step, you will not be able to access the forms of participation).

Step 5.

Add a new author and supervisor by clicking on an appropriate “+”. Registration form which appears after clicking on a link should be fully filled in.
Follow the tips (they’re on a background in different color).

Ster 6.

You can change the information about author or supervisor, using the appropriate buttons on the right.

Step 7.

After creating Author and Supervisor (for forms of participation “Free Listener” registration of only Author is enough), choose the menu “Forms of participation” and select the necessary form of participation.

Step 8.

Carefully fill in the registration form, following all requirements. Pay attention to the tips which are marked in color.
After following this steps, the registration is completed.
WARNING! Registration on clinical workshops will open later.

Pay attention to this information!

The result of the review of your abstracts you can see on your personal account on the the website of registration BIMCO-2017 and in a letter which will be sent to your e-mailbox.

Non-availability of information about the review shows that your work is still waiting for a review!

Only after receiving the result of the review, you can pay for participation in our Congress.